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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Today, Dr Rogers, IT IS 'SATURDAY'!

Dear Dr Rogers
No matter how many times you say it differently, today remains a Saturday.  I’m not suggesting you attempt to deceive about the name of today, more that you might not know.  Your 'not-knowing what day of the week it is' might cause you to go to Church, or take your kids to school, or do other things not normally associated with a Saturday. If I could alert you to the true day of the week, what you were doing ought to change.
Homecare staff are NOT, as you comment in response to a previous post, paid double-time to work on Sundays.  This error reveals potentially significant flaws in your approach to Homecare.  Either:
 a) you don’t know what your staff are paid so you make a wild guess, because you’re a doctor and hey, that makes you pretty smart and authoritative.
 b) you do know what your staff are paid but you chose to tell lies in order to ratchet up anti-public-sector propaganda to justify privatisation
c) someone told you what your staff are paid, you don’t know any different, so you just repeated it because you thought it was true
And, because that I am reluctant to believe either a) or b), please be assured that today really is Saturday, Homecare staff don’t get double time for weekend working and you should not take your kids to school today because you’ll look a fool.*
*    Of course I realise that your children might go to private school, so there’s a chance they have school on a Saturday morning, but that’s not really my point

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